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Real Love

Martin Garrix & Lloyiso

Real Love

Martin Garrix & Lloyiso

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Martin Garrix collaborates with South-African sensation Lloyiso to unleash uplifting pop anthem ''Real Love''

The wait is finally over. Renowned music producer and DJ, Martin Garrix, returns with a sensational pop track titled '’Real Love’’. In a remarkable collaboration, Garrix teams up with the rising star and gifted singer-songwriter, Lloyiso, hailing all the way from South Africa, to create a mesmerizing musical experience that will resonate with audiences worldwide.

Stumbling across one of Lloyiso’s covers online, Garrix was instantly captivated by his voice and reached out to the young artist. The two finally met up in New York City a couple of months ago, where they joined forces in the recording studio to craft ‘Real Love’.

 Martin Garrix: ‘’I first came across Lloyiso when I saw one of his covers online and was immediately blown away by his amazing voice. It took quite some time for us to finally meet in person, but we clicked instantly, both on a personal and creative level. Our studio sessions have been amazing, and I'm super excited to share the first outcome of those sessions with everyone.’’

Lloyiso: ‘’When Martin & I first met, we immediately became friends. We went out all night in New York listening to live music, going to bars. A few days later we hit the studio together and recorded 3 songs in one session - it was mental. I can’t wait for the fans to hear everything we’ve worked on, starting with “Real Love.”

The track exudes a refreshing, groovy sound. Infused with soulful vocals by Lloyiso, 'Real Love' effortlessly weaves an emotional tapestry that explores the theme of embracing genuine affection. Meanwhile the heartfelt lyrics speak of the courage to finally open up to real love.

Real Love (Official Video)

happy to share my new song Real Love together with Lloyiso is out now!

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