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"What you gonna do when your followers gone"

Detailed in AREA21’s music and visuals, the alien characters M & M have been able to observe humans both from a distance and up close. With the song ‘’Followers’’ they talk about the benefit of living life in real-time instead of becoming mesmerized by their devices.

‘What about when no one watches

Do you like yourself when you don’t have your phone

Will you still pretend you’re happy

What you gonna do when your followers gone (oh no)


Maybe you will see the world

In a different light of day

Maybe you will feel no stress when you don’t care what people say


No pressure what to post

Living life how it’s supposed

Feeling good no need to pose (eh)’. – “Followers”

In the accompanying music video, AREA21 highlight the pressures that can come from living your life through social media and encourage everyone to look up and enjoy the world around them. 

With their previous release ‘’Lovin’ Every Minute,’’ which focused on living in the moment and the importance of human connection, it's starting to become more and more evident that these alien travelers have a message to get across to us humans. 

Followers (Official Video)

Our new song Followers it out now, enjoy the music video!

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