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Martin Garrix & DubVision


Martin Garrix & DubVision

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Martin Garrix And DubVision Unleash "Empty"

"Empty" emerges as the grand finale, closing the curtains on the highly anticipated "IDEM" EP from Garrix. This collaboration between Martin Garrix and DubVision has become the showpiece during Garrix’s ADE 2023 show, leaving a mark on the memories of those fortunate enough to witness it in real life.

The track itself is a sonic journey, seamlessly blending the distinctive production styles of DubVision and Martin Garrix, boasting uplifting chords before dropping into a progressive soundscape that is unlike any other. 

As the last ID to close the "IDEM" EP, "Empty" contributes to the overall sonic narrative of the collection. Its placement in the EP ensures that listeners experience a euphoric conclusion, leaving them with a sense of fulfillment and awe. 

True to its name, the ‘’IDEM” EP mirrors Garrix's iconic ADE live show, representing the period leading up to the shows with Garrix premiering and playing these ID's at various shows. Although parts of the tracks were teased in his ADE ‘’IDEM’’ show release on YouTube, fans can now fully immerse themselves in the complete sonic experience. 

Empty (feat. Jaimes) [Official Video]

Empty together with DubVision and Jaimes is out now on my IDEM EP!

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